Friday, July 29, 2011

A Future Librarian

My whole little family LOVES going to the library.  We visit,  read books, play on the computer, play with the puzzles, and even attend classes and music programs.  Our little town's library offers so many resources for children and parents.  
Kara, my daughter, has her own library key card and a designated bag (that she picked out herself) to take with us when we go.  The librarians greet Kara by name every time too.  Most of the librarians have known her since she was a few months old.  It feels so good to have such a great rapport with our local library.  
Today's visit was like no other, except that we ran into her grandmother and aunt tutoring a couple of local boys.  Kara was first confused, then happy to have seen them there. 

 Kara has a library routine, so to speak.  
First, we always greet the fish in the fish tank.  Her favorite one is which ever one is the smallest one for the week, so it varies.  Then we go downstairs to the children's section and she picks out her books to read there and then, when she is ready, she picks out the ones she wants to take home.  Now THIS is the part that melts my heart.  She walks over to the children's computer area.  She piles her books, sits down, and picks up the mouse.  She takes the first book, opens it to the barcode and "scans" the book with the mouse.  Once she sees that the red light coming from the bottom of the mouse glows onto the book, she closes the book. Then she proceeds to type some random letters and press the shift key.  She repeats this until all of her books are "checked out" by her.  Finally, we check out, for real this time.  The funny thing is, that the librarian does the same thing, she scans, types something, and then presses the shift button.  She has been paying attention all this time!  She knew exactly what to do!  That truly made my day.  The best part is what she is associating books and reading to.  She loves to read, make up her own stories, and act them out for us.  What can I say? I am such a proud mama!
Here are a few pictures she
 "let" me take today.

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  1. That is awesome!!!!!!! Miss seeing you at library events during the week!